Choosing a San Angelo Doctor After A Offshore Injury

Jones Act doctors are those physicians that treat you after you have been injured in a maritime accident. Make no mistake – although your employer may have a specific list of Jones Act doctors for you to choose from, you are under no obligation to see one of these doctors. You have the right to choose the physician you want, the one that best fits your medical needs. You can see your employer's choose of doctors, but you can also see your own doctor for another opinion. By hiring a maritime attorney, you will have a full understanding of your rights.

An Employer Cannot Force Jones Act Doctors

After a maritime accident, the first thing you need to do is seek medical treatment. If the injury is not an emergency, your employer might request that you visit a doctor of their choosing. You can do this, if you want to do it, but you are not required to only seek treatment from your employer's Jones Act doctors. You have the right, under the Jones Act, to seek treatment from any qualified physician of your choosing. This means you can see your regular doctor, a specialist or any other qualified professional. Regardless of what your employer might tell you, you can see also see any number of Jones Act doctors for more than one opinion.

The right to choose your own Jones Act doctors is merely one of many rights provided for you under maritime law. You need the advice and assistance of a qualified attorney to help you understand the rest of your rights. In fact, the right to hire your own attorney also falls under the Jones Act. If you are an injured maritime worker, do not try to understand the ins and outs of the law on your own. Let a qualified San Angelo attorney explain all of your rights, from choosing Jones Act doctors to seeking compensation through the courts.

Choose Your Jones Act Doctors

If your employer is trying to force you to seek treatment from one of their Jones Act doctors, consult with an experienced maritime San Angelo attorney right away. You have many rights under maritime law, including the right to see the Jones Act doctors of your choice. Let an experienced and skilled attorney help you understand your rights, file your claim and get you the medical attention you need.

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