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Offshore collisions and explosions are far too common in the maritime industry and often result in catastrophic losses. The existence of vessels and pipelines carrying volatile petrochemical products create additional dangers in the event of offshore collisions. These events occur on ships, barges, and offshore drilling units but particularly around submerged oil and gas pipelines.

Any collision can cause life threatening injuries and death. The result is often explosions involving the vessels and crew members. Burns are one of the most terrible injuries that a worker can suffer. Consider being on board a vessel, miles away from shore having to deal with an explosion and fire. Workers may have to abandon ship or abandon an offshore oil rig. It's a long way down from the deck of a ship or an offshore oil rig. If the worker survives the fall or jump they may be in the water for hours or days. Even if workers have access to a lifeboat or rescue device, will the weather overwhelm them or will help arrives in time?

An example seen in recent headlines involved a natural gas pipeline explosion in West Cote Blanche Bay when a tug transporting two barges struck an underwater gas pipeline. Four workers lost their lives, two workers were reported missing and one rescued worker was taken to a local hospital for burn treatment. This is just one example of the dangers that offshore workers face on each hitch.

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