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Newspapers, television and the Internet are reporting increasing suspicious deaths to cruise ship passengers including missing passengers who apparently fell into the ocean. One cruise ship was alerted to a passenger overboard and took too much time to decide whether or not to turn around to save the passenger.

Cruise ships can be more populated than some smaller cities and every form of crime and neglect can exist on even the best cruise lines. There have been recent reports of murder and rape along with assault, burglary and theft. When you think of a cruise you think of the glitzy television commercials instead of the real life mixture of different types of people from all over the world. Passengers and crew are put together in cramped quarters and often mix together on board and on shore. Cruise lines sometimes do not investigate their employees records before hiring them and exposing passengers to crew members with criminal backgrounds, usually from a country other than the United States.

On board accidents such as slipping on soapy decks, being hit by falling objects, food poisoning, being thrown by rough seas due to the negligence of the captain and every conceivable type of injury common to people on land can exist on cruise ships. Injuries also occur when passengers leave the ship to visit ports of call. Cruise ships arrange and promote tours, trips, scuba, fishing and other activities and sometimes they do not check out or monitor the safety of these companies that provide the services the cruise ship sells to the passengers.

Claims for injury and death do not fall under the Jones Act but generally under General Maritime Law. Other laws can also come into play such as contract law and deceptive trade practices law. It is important that you contact a law firm that has expertise in General Maritime Law and cruise ship claims.

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Call the lawyers and attorneys at Briggle & Polan, PLLC at 1-866-247-HELP and tell us about your experience. We will immediately tell you about your choices and give you an idea of the value of your claim. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family and a duty to report incidents like these and to pursue a claim against companies that injure and kill people due to their policies that encourage neglect. If you take action you may save another person's life in the future by forcing companies to make needed repairs and changing their profit based policy.

Your claim is not an isolated event and you should not allow any insurance company television commercial cause you to feel guilty about making a claim. If you believe in accountability then you should move forward to hold those accountable for your injury and to stop them before they injure or kill others. Do not attempt to deal with the cruise ship line other than forcing them to document your injury. Always ask for a copy of their report. Do not sign anything, even your report. Guilty companies lie so don't believe what they tell you. They may say that they have no responsibility but do not believe them. Call us and we will tell you the truth about injuries on cruise lines and what the law says about your rights.

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